Tips on Tackling University and its Biggest Challenges…

Whether you are starting university or going back for another year, you are always going to face challenges during your studies. This blog will help you not only identify those challenges, but how you can tackle them head on and balance your workload, your personal life and your social life. 

An overwhelming amount of work and deadlines

With all of your different modules and quick turnaround times on assignments, the workload can get overwhelming and fast! There’s a lot of organisation required to stay on top of your work, but you don’t need to throw away your social life and down time to do that. You can overcome this by getting a diary, a whiteboard or whatever you will see the most and carve out time slots to do your work each day. Divide this up into modules and priorities e.g. for your first deadline you would prioritise a few more hours than one due in a couple of weeks. By carving out time and creating a schedule you can clearly see your week ahead, there’s less risk of double booking yourself and you can feel more at ease seeing your free time slots.

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Cost of living and budgeting your money

Budgeting is not something you are necessarily taught in school, but is something you need to learn for university. Whether you are relying on your student loan payments, or working alongside your studies, it can be hard to balance your money. Our top tip is the 50/30/20 method! You use half of your income for bills (where possible) 30% of the remainder goes towards whatever you want and 20% goes into savings/debt repayments. Meal planning is another good way to save money, knowing what you’re going to buy reduces the impulsive purchases made when you go food shopping. You can also look into student support funds, a lot of universities will help with financial issues and it’s absolutely okay to ask for help! – Make sure when you go out drinking you soak up the student deals! 

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Meeting New People

It can be daunting going off to university, living away from home and sharing with people you’ve never met before and having to make new friends. Our top tip is to get yourself down to freshers fairs, join a society and attend as many events in the first week as possible. It’s all about confidence and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, go and make your flat mates a cup of tea and get chatting! University is a great place to work on your people skills and develop friendships for life, so make the most of it!

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