The Importance of Mental Health Education in Primary Schools

The subject of young people’s mental health has become a hot topic over recent years, especially since covid-19. More and more people are becoming more comfortable about speaking up about their feelings, but not everybody. 

With ambassadors, organisations and celebrities advocating for mental health, it has challenged employers to think about their policies around mental health, but what about schools?

Since 2021 (thanks to our charity, you can view our other blog post on that here) mental health education is compulsory in schools and had to be added to the core curriculum. These classes included yoga, mindfulness clubs, therapy dogs and education about mental health areas such as feelings and emotions. 

The idea behind it was not only to help pupils and staff remain engaged in learning so they can reach their full potential, but to help students develop healthy, happy minds with more awareness of their feelings and emotions and alleviate the development of mental health issues from an early age – did you know that 50% of people develop a mental health condition by the age of 14?* 

By implementing this there is hope to create a better environment that means children are more aware of themselves and others around them, and take more care in helping others, to which they will take with them as they grow up. 

How else can you help children develop a healthier and happier mind? TriggerHub has a fantastic collection of children’s books that are specially curated for mental health awareness and exploration. Your children can learn about their feelings, emotions, how to care for others and themselves. 

If you or your school are interested in having either a physical collection of books or a digital subscription (or maybe even both) then please contact our sales and marketing team here



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