ManTalk: What does it mean to ‘be a Man’?

On the 19th November 2021, to celebrate the launch of Trigger Hub and to commemorate International Men’s Day, Trigger Hub hosted an event at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London to advocate for men’s mental health and to discuss with an exclusive panel of our authors what it means to be a man in 2021.

Alex Holmes, author of bestselling book on men’s mental health Time to Talk, was our host for the evening, guiding the conversation through the man myths that form the chapters of his book: 

  1. Real Men Don’t Doubt Themselves
  2. Real Men Are Fearless Go-Getters
  3. Real Men Don’t Cry
  4. Real Men Have No Worries About Their Bodies
  5. Real Men Never Fail
  6. Real Men Are Lone Wolves

Through a series of blog posts, we’ll share the night you; from the raw data presented by Wellity Global, who, in a recent survey (Nov, 2021) asked 1,267 men what they thought it was like to be a man in 2021 through to the man myths that continue to thrive among men. 

The results of Wellity’s survey are eye-opening and highlighted the need for immediate action. Men’s mental health has reached crisis point and without further action these shocking statistics will continue to rise.

So, what does it mean to be a man in 2021? 

To introduce you to our panel, here’s what they thought:

ManTalk Highlights: What does it mean ‘to be a man’?

Through ManTalk, Trigger pledge to keep the conversation around men’s mental health going. Will you help us to give this pressing cause a voice? Share your story with us on social using the hashtag #Mantalk – tell us, what do YOU think it means to be man in 2021? 

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