How Can I Fund Self-Publishing?

The cost of a publishing package can feel daunting – especially since ours come with a well-rounded list of services. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to fund self-publishing and make your dream of becoming an author come true.

One of the biggest questions we get from potential authors is this one: how can I fund self-publishing? Indeed, the cost of a publishing package can feel daunting – especially since ours come with a well-rounded list of services.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to fund self-publishing and make your dream of becoming an author come true. So, if you want to work with Cherish but need help gathering the funds, here are our best ideas for making the process more affordable.


We’ve got a blog on our site already that details the ins and outs of crowdfunding. It’s a great option for authors who have a big enough audience already – or who have the determination to build a following pre-publication.

Of course, you can reach out to friends and family members to help you on your crowdfunding journey, too. You’ll have to look at your network with a critical eye – is it large and lucrative enough to help pay for your publishing?

Make sure you’re working on your crowdfunding plan with a target amount in mind. We can put one together for you after reading and accepting your manuscript. Click here to submit and get a bespoke quote for your book.

Which sites are best to fund self-publishing?

There are plenty of crowdfunding sites out there, but we suggest the following for self-publishing hopefuls:


Here, you’ll pitch their ideas to readers. If there’s enough interest and money put into the project, the book will go ahead. Net profit is also split 50/50 with the author.


You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter – it’s one of the most well-known crowdfunding platforms. You begin by setting your goal and a time period in which to reach it. However, before your campaign can launch, you’ll have to be approved by the site. 

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, so you don’t get your funds unless you hit your goal. It also means that the backer’s credit card won’t be charged until that threshold is reached. The fee is 5% on top of processing payment charges (3 to 5% per transaction). If you raise enough money, there’s a 14-day waiting period for funds. 


This platform focuses on the innovative and the new. It works similarly to Kickstarter, but it doesn’t have an exclusively all-or-nothing fundraising model, so that may be a more inspiring avenue for you and your project.

Instead, there are two options: fixed and flexible funding. Fixed is best for fundraisers where your project needs a certain amount of money, while flexible is good for campaigns where you’ll benefit from any funding. There is a slight catch, in that there are no fixed funding fees for campaigners who do not meet their goal. The site charges 5% for flexible funds and fixed funds that do meet their goals. 

After choosing a platform…

Your work doesn’t end once your campaign is online. You have to work hard to get the word out about your project and make sure the right people see your appeal.

And don’t forget to thank everyone who contributes and make your crowdfunding project a success! They’ll be likely to support you down the line – say, when your book comes out in six months’ time…

Opt For a Payment Plan

Another way to make fund self-publishing – or make it easier to pay for – is to opt for a Cherish payment plan.

Turns out, you don’t have to pay for your self-publishing package upfront. Instead, we can divvy up the payments to make them easier to manage.

Our payment plans are simple: you’ll pay a portion of the costs upfront, then we’ll divide the rest of the costs over a six-month period. This is a great option if, say, your crowdfunding project raises only part of what you need. You can use that for the down payment, then cover the smaller monthly payments on your own.

No matter how you choose to cover your payment plan costs, one thing is certain – paying the costs of publishing over a longer period of time can make it a much more manageable process.

Have More Questions About How to Fund Self-Publishing?

Figuring out how to fund self-publishing is just the beginning. We know you probably have questions – and we’re here to help.

Click here to contact us, and we’re happy to answer any queries you might have about how we can turn your manuscript into a bona fide book – funding and beyond.

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