Empowering minds through music: BIMM’s transformative event with TriggerHub


The BIMM Institute aimed to create a memorable event with a lasting impact on their students in honor of World Mental Health Day. Sam Hong, Events and Community Manager at BIMM Institute, knew he wanted the event to link music to mental health, engage students, and, more importantly, create a lasting impact. So, we embarked on crafting an event that achieved precisely that.

The history of world-renowned BIMM

Established in 2001, BIMM Institute offers a comprehensive range of courses covering all aspects of the music industry, from performance to business, production, event management, songwriting and marketing. With a distinguished list of alumni that includes renowned names such as James Bay, The Kooks, George Ezra, and Tom Odell, among others, BIMM has established itself as a leading institution in music education.

In 2022, BIMM attained university status and has experienced continuous growth each year. We were thrilled to seize the opportunity to develop something that would greatly benefit their students.

The challenge

BIMM said they wanted to guarantee that they enhanced student engagement throughout the talk, which led to TriggerHub arranging a talk with Shocka, a renowned speaker, author, rapper, and mental health advocate. With our extensive list of speakers, we believed Shocka’s background in music made him the perfect fit.

Sam recognized the importance of fostering conversations about mental health on campus and didn’t want this event to be merely a tick-box exercise. He aimed for our event to have a lasting impact on the students. As a result, we developed an aftercare plan detailing how we would continue to support BIMM moving forward.

After the discussion, students approached Shocka, expressing sentiments like “I really needed that today” and “Thank you for speaking so openly. I’ll never forget your story.”

The TriggerHub solution

To entice students to pay complete attention, we arranged for Shocka to perform one of his new unreleased songs, “I Cry Sometimes”. 

Shocka was able to intrinsically link mental health to music throughout the Q&A while discussing his writing techniques, his experience of being sectioned, his role models and just how important music has been for his mental health.

We invested hours into researching and carefully crafting questions to ensure we could skillfully lead the conversation and provide our clients with precisely what they desired. The feedback we’ve received confirms that we accomplished just that!

After the discussion, students approached Shocka, expressing sentiments like “I really needed that today” and “Thank you for speaking so openly. I’ll never forget your story.”

Sam Hong also commented, “Thank you so much; it was a fantastic session, and I can tell the students gained a lot from it. We’ll be in touch to organize future events with TriggerHub.”


Since the event, we have provided students throughout BIMM with access to our TriggerHub App, which includes Shocka’s book and a wide range of mental health content. To leave a lasting impression at the university, we arranged with Sam beforehand to offer all students with a BIMM email address a 30-day free trial. We’ve seen tremendous success with this initiative and are considering offering students permanent access.

In addition to this, we have been in close communication with BIMM to arrange talks for future Mental Health Days. Specifically, we are planning to organize a menstrual health talk for their female students featuring our author, Gemma Barry. Gemma recently released her book “Periods Aren’t Meant to Bloody Hurt,” which is available for tailored workshops at universities and workplaces.

Lead the way to lasting mental health change on your campus with lived experience

At TriggerHub, we firmly believe in the transformative power of lived experience. Witnessing the profound impact of hearing someone’s story in such detail reaffirms the importance of this approach. Lived experience is instrumental in eliminating stigma, reducing procrastination and fostering hope. 

With access to a diverse pool of authors and speakers on various mental health topics, we can curate unforgettable events on campus or in the workplace. These experiences will catalyze positive changes in your culture. Reach out to us today to witness firsthand the impact that lived experience can have on your students or employees.

Are you seeking more inspiration to create a mental health impact? Longing for a hub with resources, tools and training? Unlock exclusive access to PartnerHub and transform your mental health support today. Contact us today to book a free demo and take the first step toward transformative campus change.

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