Elevating EVPS: The TriggerHub and Alliant partnership

Discover how our partnership with Alliant is revolutionising mental health wellness solutions for benefit brokers in the USA. By seamlessly integrating our innovative products with Alliant's offerings, we're enhancing EVPs and bottom-line performance. Ready to elevate your company's success? 
Elevating EVPs The Alliant Partnership

We’ve partnered with Alliant, a leading benefit broker in the USA, and are proud to be one of their preferred vendors. Through this collaboration, we’re poised to assist their clients in implementing effective mental health wellness solutions.

Our products seamlessly complement the existing offerings provided by benefit brokers to their clients, allowing them to consistently enhance their benefit packages throughout the year. This partnership ensures comprehensive support for mental health while expanding the range of benefits available to their clients.

The story of Alliant

Alliant Insurance Services is one of the largest and fastest-growing insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the United States. Established in 1925, Alliant boasts a workforce of over 5,000 employees. Among its specialties, Alliant excels at providing exceptional employee benefits services.

The challenge

The challenge lies in the scarcity of products available within our niche market space. We provide a comprehensive solution for clients to support their employees. This includes state-of-the-art technology to deliver efficient and impactful mental health support, backed by the latest advancements in scientific research on mental wellness. Additionally, we offer services like Mental Health First Aid Training and speaker sessions, ensuring a holistic approach to mental wellness for employees.

Why Alliant chose TriggerHub

Alliant partnered with us due to our unique mental health wellbeing products, offered at a highly competitive price point. This collaboration has facilitated the expansion of their wellness portfolio, enabling them to better assist their clients in enhancing their EVP and wellness strategies. Ultimately, this support has positively impacted their clients’ company retention rates and bottom-line performance.

The TriggerHub solution

Through our ongoing partnership, our commitment to Alliant remains unwavering. We are dedicated to collaborating closely with them to assist their clients in implementing strategies and elevating their existing benefits portfolios. This commitment holds as they commence planning and strategy meetings for the first quarter of 2024.

“The case study serves as an inspiring example for sports clubs seeking to enhance their workplace mental health culture, offering a beacon of hope and actionable strategies for improvement.”

“This case study stands as an inspiring example for sports clubs seeking to enhance their workplace mental health culture, offering a beacon of hope and actionable strategies for improvement.”

The results

Our dedication to excellence has led to real success stories for our esteemed clients. But you don’t have to take our word for it—here’s what our satisfied customers have shared about their transformative experiences with us.

“I have really enjoyed the app, and I especially like the random push notifications with positive messages such as, ‘take a break’, ‘you’re doing great’, ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. The notifications seem to be at a good cadence and are not annoying.”

“I am really enjoying the app, and I like the notifications throughout the day.”

“I found the app interesting. Reminds me of Audible with specific topics only. I like the concept of it. I personally enjoy listening to books/podcasts/webcasts on topics such as this Vs reading them, especially on a screen, mainly because I am on my computer all day, so I prefer a real book or to have my headphones in.”

Ready to take your company success to new heights?

Our dedicated team is here to help not only navigate the possibilities but also provide comprehensive support.

Whether you’re in need of innovative solutions, customized consultations, or personalized strategies tailored to your specific requirements, we’re here for you. Additionally, we provide specialized assistance for HR Managers and their teams, prioritizing mental health support to ensure holistic wellbeing while optimizing productivity and success.

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