10 Men’s Mental Health Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts have been steadily increasing in popularity across the world. A podcast is easy, accessible, and you can listen to it even when you’re on the go!

Importantly, podcasts have allowed for increased conversation about mental health. They provide a safe space for listeners to learn and reflect. In particular, there is a great community of mental health advocates speaking up about men’s wellbeing and working to destigmatise conversations about men’s mental health. They tackle key issues and encourage men to make healthy, positive changes and seek help when they need.

Here’s a list of our top 10 men’s mental health podcasts!

1. Jason Fox Wild Tales Podcast – The Book of Man

Jason Fox, best known through the tv series ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’, speaks to travellers, adventurers and heroes, for example Tim Peake, Toby Gutteridge, and Wim Hoff. They talk about their experiences and how they found both physical and mental resilience. Listeners can be inspired by these exciting stories of strength and determination as these individuals discuss taking on difficult challenges, how they overcame them, and reconnected with nature’s elements.

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2. Let’s Talk About Mental Health

This weekly podcast, hosted by Jeremy Godwin, provides easy and proven ways to improve and maintain your mental health. Focussing on a specific topic each week, each episode is well-researched and provides many simple ideas to improve your wellbeing. Godwin has recently discussed doubt, anger and success, reflecting on how these feelings impact our mental health. Thus, this podcast gives listeners the confidence to try out new approaches and put these methods into practice.

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3. Life, Interrupted with Simon Thomas

Simon Thomas, author of Love, Interrupted explores living with and overcoming mental anguish. Through candid conversations with well-known celebrities, athletes, and researchers, for example Philip Schofield, Luke Sutton, and Andrew Strauss, listeners discover a number of stories about struggle and crisis. Covering topics like grief, alcoholism, and trauma, this is a thoughtful and moving series documenting the strength of human endurance and overcoming tragedy to live fulfilling lives.

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4. Time to Talk with Alex Holmes

Emotional Resilience coach Alex Holmes, and author of Time to Talk, converses with leaders to help de-stigmatise mental health. This podcast is accessible and entertaining, talking about topics like spirituality, music, and resilience.  Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and together with the different interpretations of masculinity.

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5. Detoxicity: By Men, About Men, For Everyone

Hosted by radio personality and mental health educator, Mike Joseph, this interview podcast is a deep dive into ideas of masculinity and its effects on mental health. This podcast discusses topics like relationships, fatherhood, and depression, in addition to thoughtful conversations about creativity. An insightful and sensitive series that remains humorous and positive.

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6. Mental – The Podcast to Destigmatise Mental Health

Bobby Temps and co-host Danielle Hogan, joined with special guests, delve into different aspects of mental health. A series of relatable and insightful episodes discussing topics like burnout, depression, and grief as well as conditions like OCD or Bipolar. Conversations consider how to better manage our mental health, from meditation and introspection to counselling, and reflects on wider societal pressures and stigmas. New episodes every Thursday.

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7. ManUp! UK’s Mental Health Podcast

Andy Richardson and Tommy Danquah, together with special guests, aim to get men talking about their mental health. They speak with mental health advocates about masculinity, holistic healing, eating disorders in men, and fatherhood. There are also additional discussions surrounding mental health in the army and veterans. A very positive and enlightening podcast trying to bring men’s mental health into the spotlight and get people talking.

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8. Ten Percent Happier

After a panic attack live on ‘Good Morning America,’ Dan Harris turned to meditation to manage his stress and anxiety. He went on to write his book ‘10% Happier’. This podcast is an exploration of ‘happiness’ through conversations with mediation teachers, scientists, as well as celebrities. Harris also considers topics like social anxiety, productivity, and relationships and teaches you how to train mental traits like calm and compassion.

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9. The Ground Up

Hosted by Matt D’Avella, The Ground Up is a series of interviews with creatives focused on self-development. Recently, D’Avella has spoken to word record powerlifter Jordan Syatt, the CEO of Patreon Jack Conte, as well as bestselling author Ramit Sethi. Listeners will discover the benefits to routine, the importance of fitness, and ways to manage feelings of anxiety or imposter syndrome.

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10. Brobriety: Sobriety, Mental Health, and Wellness For Men (And Women, and the Men and Women Who Love Them)

Brobriety is a series of interviews with special guests, particularly focused around mental health, masculinity, and substance abuse. Guests discuss the nature of their addiction, the state of their mental health, and their journey of self-discovery. Additionally, they talk about what it actually means to ‘be a man’ today. These are inspiring stories of overcoming addiction, emphasising the work being done to raise awareness and provide support.

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