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TriggerHub provides unrivaled mental health solutions for both organizations and individuals globally. Everything from resources, data insights and employee support, to training, speakers and workshops.

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The Lived Experience Connection

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Navigate life’s twists and turns with lived experience as your companion.

Receive timely notifications of hope and inspiration.

Tools, tips and advice from people who really know how it feels.
Imagine if boosting your wellbeing was as easy as listening to music. Now it is!
Navigate wellbeing, no matter what life throws at you.
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Personalised content on topics that matter to you, by people that have lived it.
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Scientifically and independently authenticated

Transforming Workplace Wellbeing

A partnership tailored for your people – because caring is just the beginning; empowering you to make an impact is our commitment.


Unrivaled insights into the mental health and wellbeing of your organization, plus all of the resources and solutions too.

Our content is curated and produced in-house

If you are an author and wish to share your Lived Experience with TriggerHub, please submit your manuscript through our publishing division, Trigger Publishing.

TriggerHub's Sports Partnerships

Accelerating Action and Impact for Mental Health Wellbeing Through the Power and Unity of Sport
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of TRIGGERHUB APP users reported heightened self-awareness and increased comfort reaching out to our EAP during crises.


attendees engaged in our tailored program, resulting in heightened engagement, job satisfaction and confidence in female leadership.

Exclusive Lived Experience content access including 'Beyond The Red Zone' by BJ Daniels